What Do We Solve? Live Dashboard Preview V1.1

Never Miss Again.

There is a gigantic issue in the WEB3 space and it's the fact that there is so much projects, platforms, and dapps releasing on a day to day basis. Surely expansion and scaling is good for the average WEB3 enthusiast... right? Yes, it's amazing to see our space grow but with that comes large amounts of information that people need to keep up with.
We are solving this issue by providing a platform that is maintained by a back-end team and through our advanced algorithm we can use this data for the good of the space. We have a very simple process that allows the average joe to get notified via SMS/Email of when their favorite proect mints.

How Does It Work?

We'd like to provide a scenario to help explain how it works on the user-side of things, so that way you can understand how frictionless and easy our platform is to use. This flow can become even more simplified in the future by allowing interconnectivity with certain projects, and some other innovative concepts we are preparing in the back-end.

User's Perspective of WhitelistPing:

User just got a big opportunity, a whitelist, to one of their favorite projects.
1) User logins on our platform
2) If they don't have an account they'd simply setup an account of where they want their notifications sent to, and what time intervals.
3) Simply find the project they want to get notifed for and enable the notifications.
4) They will now receive a notification time before they mint that the user set previously.
If the project/opportunity isn't listed, it would let them know to provide basic information and our back-end team will ensure it gets in our database within 24 hours, and will notify the user.
You can clearly see how simple it is for a user to login and get notified. The way this works will save tons of users time, money, and helps them gain more opportunities in the space. Maintaining and keeping up with every single project in this space is near impossible at times, let us do all the work while you can sit back and mint when we call you.

Is This Problem We're Solving a BIG Problem?

Data from public survey. Sample size 1000 NFT Natives
Yes it absolutely is! We even did a poll and have data to backup showing how big of a problem this is in the WEB3 space. There are current WEB3 enthusiasts missing out on thousands of dollars becuase they miss mints on a daily to weekly basis. One missed project can cost up to anywhere from 5 ETH to 20+ ETH.
Here are some examples of projects that users have missed out becuase they forgot to mint:
  • Azuki: 1 ETH Mint Price to 26.8 ETH ATH ($65,000 Potential Profit)
  • Steady Stack Titans: 0.08 ETH Mint Price to 2.8 ETH ATH ($4,000 Potential Profit)
  • Llamaverse DA Supply: 0.55 ETH Mint Price to 8 ETH ATH ($20,000 Potential Profit)
  • Moonbirds: 2.5 ETH Mint Price to 34 ETH ATH ($91,400 Potential Profit)
You can clearly see that this issue is pretty important and we are here to provide the best solution possible to solve this for our users.